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My Hair Regimen: I moisturize and/or oil my hair daily. As needed (usually weekly) I cleanse my hair and scalp with a moisturizing shampoo (or a clarifying one if there's build up). I do a moisturizing OR protein treatment with every shampoo. I stretch my relaxers 3-4 months.

My go-to protective/low manipulation styles: buns, braid-outs and halfwigs. In 2012 I want to start experimenting with more heat-free styles. I air dry most of the time and flat iron for length checks only.

I'm currently midback length (MBL) and actively working towards reaching waist length by my graduation in mid-2012.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Haircare Ain't Easy | Hair Blogger Bloopers

I was tagged by the lovely Fiona at Love Your Tresses (check out her blog and follow if you haven't done so, it's very nice!)

I've been on my hair journey for YEARS and I haven't reached my final goal of waist length yet! That goes to show I am a very slow grower, and I've had some BLOOPERS along the way! Going to share them with you so we can both learn from my mistakes :)

5) Protective styling blooper: Last year when I detangled cornrows, I combed through my hair like it was a regular 2-minute detangling session. FAIL. In the end I had to cut out a small knot at the back. It just wouldn't budge!

4) Build-up Blooper: my skin broke out because of product build up. Now I make sure to clarify twice a month with Quantum Clarifying Shampoo to keep breakouts at bay.

3) Protective styling blooper 2: If you're going to protective style with halfwigs, make sure you're not wearing one while with your man, or make sure it's pinned really tight. That's all I'm gonna say for now!

2) Anyone who knows me knows I'm a total DIYer when it comes to hair. I style, treat and trim my own hair (with the help of my mom when it comes to relaxing). After finals I had the bright idea of getting my hair done at the salon. Long story short it was a bad experience...I learned the hard way that no one will ever be as gentle with my hair as me! Especially when I'm 12 weeks post!

1) Electricity fail: I rollerset my hair perfectly and it was ready to go. I was sitting under the dryer with my laptop handy. An hour into drying time, I heard a pop sound and my entire room went pitch black. My dryer blew a fuse! Smh!! I had to air dry the rest of the way.

What was your most recent hair care blooper? Comment below I'd love to read it!


  1. In the middle of drying my rollerset, I stopped to eat with the family. I returned to find that my dryer would not start at all. The light was on, but the dryer had died. I didn't have time to airdry so I ended up with a pretty time-consuming fail.

  2. Back in 2008, I was becoming somewhat lazy with my hair. I was moisturizing and sealing my ends by simply scrunching my ends with the product and wrapping my hair to bed. Lo and behold, 2-3 months later, a huge gap began to develop in my hair (due to breakage) and I had to do a BIGCHOP!!! I lost a good 3-4 inches of hair. Never again.


  3. My most recent blooper was trying to do mini twists on my hair, which had taken forever to do and then forever to take down. Not for me.

  4. lol at no 2. My biggest blopper is i sleep really bad so a silk scarf doesnt work for me as it just comes off and the cotton from my pillow makes my hair dry and a mess in the morning, so what i do now is use on of those mesh wrap thingy's and use it to hold my wrap and then cover my hair with the mesh with a stocking cap, it never fails

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  11. Love these bloopers!! It's true, no one will treat your hair as gentle as you!! That's why I'm a D.I.Y girl also. I'm now following :)

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