Regimen + Goals

My Hair Regimen: I moisturize and/or oil my hair daily. As needed (usually weekly) I cleanse my hair and scalp with a moisturizing shampoo (or a clarifying one if there's build up). I do a moisturizing OR protein treatment with every shampoo. I stretch my relaxers 3-4 months.

My go-to protective/low manipulation styles: buns, braid-outs and halfwigs. In 2012 I want to start experimenting with more heat-free styles. I air dry most of the time and flat iron for length checks only.

I'm currently midback length (MBL) and actively working towards reaching waist length by my graduation in mid-2012.

Monday, 28 November 2011

JBCO...Reunited and it feels so good (literally!)

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is one of my favorite oils. It makes a great sealant and its also a nice DC addition. This oil really makes my hair feel soft. If you haven't tried it before, beware that it has a very strong scent, due to the fact that it's minimally refined. It's also really thick. The brand pictured above is the one I've been using. The bottle is dark to protect the oil from deterioration caused by light/sun. Regular castor oil that comes in a clear bottle is refined so much that its not as susceptible to light deterioration. This refined castor oil is stripped of most of its valuable nutrients unlike JBCO (

How I use it: Take a small amount and rub between palms to distribute a thin layer over hands.. then smooth it on the the length of my hair focusing on ends. I also add a good amount to my deep conditioner mixes.

Why I like it: It's the only oil that actually leaves my hair feeling soft. I know oils do not provide moisture (rather they seal in the moisture), but my hair always feels moisturized after using this stuff. I also like it because a little goes a long way, and an 8oz bottle can last for a year or more. Castor oil is also known to thicken the hair strands.

I finally got my hands on another bottle of this stuff today. I ran out a couple weeks ago and didn't get a chance to replace it. Glad I did :) This is a staple.


  1. I love JBCO!! I just recently started using it for hot oil treatments and my hair ADORES it!

  2. And I have a whole bottle but never really used it smh lol...Do you apply Jbco to your scalp as well??

  3. It depends...if I'm washing my hair regularly (ie. in the summer) I'll oil my scalp with it.

    But now that it's winter I don't oil my scalp with it only because I wash my hair less often and I don't want my skin to break out

  4. I have a weave in my hair what should I do once i take it out to start my healthy hair regement and what should I put in it?


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