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My Hair Regimen: I moisturize and/or oil my hair daily. As needed (usually weekly) I cleanse my hair and scalp with a moisturizing shampoo (or a clarifying one if there's build up). I do a moisturizing OR protein treatment with every shampoo. I stretch my relaxers 3-4 months.

My go-to protective/low manipulation styles: buns, braid-outs and halfwigs. In 2012 I want to start experimenting with more heat-free styles. I air dry most of the time and flat iron for length checks only.

I'm currently midback length (MBL) and actively working towards reaching waist length by my graduation in mid-2012.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Will I Go Natural??

BuildableBeauty on youtube, one of my favorite relaxed inspirations, has declared that she's going natural. Of course I'm kind of sad that one of my inspirations is no longer interested in being relaxed. But at the same time I'm glad for her. Shika at brought up an interesting point a while back...that when relaxed heads reach a certain length (usually MBL) they decide to go natural. Her theory seems to hold up.

BuildableBeauty's decision got me thinking about my own. And I've gotten a few e-mails asking about whether I will transition so I will address it here.

Will I ever go natural? Probably.

Any time soon? Absolutely not!

No particular reason. I enjoy the process of getting my hair relaxed because it's always a nice surprise in length. I enjoy the challenge and versatility that comes along with stretching. But at the end of the day there's just something about a fresh's like a new head of hair each time. Lol, okay maybe that's a bit dramatic, but you know what I mean.

Anyone who knows me knows I love natural hair. I've stopped countless naturals in real life to tell them I love their hair, and quite honestly I've never done that to someone who is relaxed. Simply because I've never seen relaxed hair in real life that was worthy of me breaking out of my shell to approach the stranger, and tell them my sentiments about their fabulous hair. Which is another thing I love -- having long (past APL), healthy relaxed hair makes me unique. Just like rocking a natural fro makes the next girl unique. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have natural hair, but right now (and for the past 13 years), being relaxed is what "works" (for lack of a better word) for me.


  1. Interesting. I have my "moments" and then when they pass (and obviously they always do since I'm still relaxed) I am SO SUBLIMELY happy with my relaxed hair! I am just glad that a lot of our "inspirations" reach their goals first so that at least we see that it is possible. Bronzeg (chinablk on YT) was one who shocked the pizazz right outta me! I actually don't even have any thoughts of going natural at all right now, but just six months ago I was seriously considering transitioning. *shrug* But I do agree that having LONG HEALTHY RELAXED hair does make you unique these days!

  2. I totally agree with you. Being relaxed works for me and I've been able to achieve healthy relaxed hair, something that most women have an issue with. Congrats on your hair accomplishments!

  3. Totally agree with you!
    The idea of going natural sounds nice, but I'm totally content with my relaxed hair.

  4. Im planning on transitioning to texlax so I can keep some of my texture but I dont think I would ever go Natural. I love my hair straight. Although I love watching/seeing women with their natural hair whether its curly/kinky/or coily! and your right the suprise of your hair length after relaxers are the best! :)

  5. OMG, I was so sad when BB announced her transition! (But happy for her that she has made the decision that was best for here hair, she seemed quite happy!) Our numbers are getting smaller!!

    I think it really just IS that we want to prove to ourselves that we can make the length goal before we hack it all off and start over...

  6. I know for me I plan to enjoy my relaxed hair for awhile. I wonder if I'll transition, maybe in the future, but for right now I am happy with my relaxed hair. I have been able to grow it, minus my scissor-happy moments. I want to enjoy my hair at goal length and maybe I'll never transition. I am not in that mindset yet.

  7. I'm in the midst of a 15 week relaxer stretch and this sums up everything i've been thinking. I have a few close friends that transitioned, and one tried to tell me i should just stretch indefinitely, but i don't have a problem with my relaxed hair. I'm kind of proud of the progress i've made, and relaxing my hair works for me. They transitioned because it wasn't working for them at the time, but that isn't the case for me.

  8. I wrote something similiar in my blog about going natural I wouldn't now but I'll never say never :)


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